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A benchmark will only be made if the requested company:

• Is active in a country where Capacent has operations
• Has an annual turnover of at least 50 MEUR


Delivery Approach

Our delivery approach – from business case to measured results – is proven through more than 300 working capital improvement projects in different types of companies, industries and countries. With a structured, fact based and hands-on toolbox we work with our customers from the board of directors to the factory workers to achieve a cash culture. We deal with processes like Order to cash, Procure to pay, Order to delivery and reporting and KPI´s, and they´re all processes that impacts on your working capital. 

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Approach and results:

* Solid track record of 20-40% working capital reduction in our projects * 80% of the effort we put into projects are used in implementation to create sustainable change
* Over 40 experienced consultants within this business area * Customer testimonies show 1-2 years quicker results from cooperation with Capacent